Mortimer Mishkin Brain researcher

“There is no more complex piece of matter in the universe than the human brain, and so the complexity is a huge challenge,” Mishkin said in 2011. And he should know: he studied how the brain worked for more than 60 years. A neuropsychologist, Dr. Mishkin was Chief of the National Institute of Mental Health’s … Read more

From This is True for 10 October 2021

Takao Saito Gekiga artist

Born in Japan, Saito is considered a manga comic book artist, though he preferred the term gekiga (“dramatic pictures”), a style of Japanese comics aimed at adult, not juvenile, audiences, with a cinematic art style and more mature themes. He moved to Tokyo to pursue his art, and in 1960 founded Saito Production to produce it, which branched out … Read more

From This is True for 3 October 2021