Alan B. Scott Ophthalmologist

A medical doctor, Scott had wide interests: he interned in surgery, and then narrowed that concentration to neurosurgery. But that wasn’t it either: he went on to do another residency in ophthalmology, finishing in 1961, when he was immediately hired as a Senior Scientist at the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, where he also served as … Read more

From This is True for 26 December 2021

Henry Orenstein Toymaker

Born in Poland, Orenstein had a little problem with the Nazis: he was Jewish, and survived multiple concentration camps during World War II, including Budzyn, Majdanek, Plaszow, and Ravensbruck, surviving by claiming to have a science background. After the war he moved to the United States, where he lived with an uncle. Seeing a doll … Read more

From This is True for 19 December 2021

Rosalie Trombley Radio music director

Born in Canada, in 1963 Trombley and her husband moved to Windsor, Ont., where she got a job as a receptionist at CKLW-AM radio, which was just beginning its “glory years” after dumping its variety programming and focusing on contemporary hits. The station had a huge audience south of the border, especially in Cleveland, Ohio, … Read more

From This is True for 5 December 2021