John Roach Personal computer pioneer

Born in rural Texas, the Roach family moved to 150 miles east to Fort Worth when John was 4 — and he pretty much never left, not counting a stint in the U.S. Navy. He graduated from Texas Christian University there, majoring in physics and math, and returned two years later for his MBA, which … Read more

From This is True for 27 March 2022

Steve Wilhite GIF inventor

A computer scientist, Wilhite led a team creating software compilers for the DECsystem-10 computer, particularly for BASIC and Fortran. Because it used a lot of the same computers, Wilhite was hired by Compu-Serv Network, Inc., owned by Golden United Life Insurance, and designed to provide computer time-sharing services to other businesses. The thing was, those … Read more

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Donald Pinkel Pediatrician

After graduating high school in Buffalo, N.Y., Pinkel joined the U.S. Navy: World War II was in full swing. As part of his training, Pinkel studied at Cornell University, and became interested in biology and medicine. Once released he went back home to continue in school, getting his medical degree from the University of Buffalo, … Read more

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Charles Csuri Computer artist

Born in West Virginia to Hungarian immigrant parents, Csuri attended Ohio State University — where, as Captain of the football team, he led OSU to its first national championship. Csuri was offered a contract in the NFL, but turned it down, joining the rest of the team in joining the military: it was 1942. He … Read more

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