Burt Metcalfe TV producer

“One of the show’s unsung heroes,” said the Hollywood Reporter.

From This is True for 31 July 2022

Vincent DeRosa Hornist

Born in Kansas City, Mo., to a clarinetist father and a singer mother, DeRosa went into the family business playing a French horn, usually as a studio musician, available for hire for anyone who needed a horn for a recording. Classical? Jazz? Movie/TV soundtracks? He did it all, playing for Henry Mancini, Lalo Schifrin, John … Read more

From This is True for 24 July 2022

Pat John First Nation actor

John only played one role, but had a long and influential acting career.

From This is True for 17 July 2022

Lenny Von Dohlen Actor

Growing up in South Texas, Dohlen wanted to be a jockey, but he was too tall. He instead studied Theater at the University of Texas, and moved to Denver to finish his degree. He moved to New York to find acting jobs. “I knew I wanted to go to New York City to work in … Read more

From This is True for 10 July 2022

Margaret Keane Big eyes painter

Born Peggy Doris Hawkins in Nashville, Tenn., as a child Peggy lost hearing in one ear during surgery, and learned to understand people better by looking them in the eyes when they spoke. At 10 she started painting. Her subject: children. In the early 1950s she met Walter Keane, who said he was a painter … Read more

From This is True for 3 July 2022