Honor studentBailey O’Neill

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A student, O’Neill was allegedly punched in the face on January 10 by another student at Darby Township School in Glenolden, Pa. Police say he was hit in the face several times, knocking him down; he may have hit his head on the ground. He returned to class (“They never even called his mother,” his grandmother says), and walked home after school as usual. Once his mother saw what he looked like she took him to the hospital for treatment of a broken nose. His parents say the beating is a case of bullying, but school officials refused to use that term; they suspended two boys for two days. The assailant has not been charged criminally, but the local District Attorney is investigating, aided by security camera footage of the beating. Bailey returned to school, but developed headaches — then seizures, then pneumonia. Doctors put him into a medically induced coma to try to get him through. After weeks of treatment, he started having more seizures, and was taken off life support after being declared brain dead. Bailey, who was an honor student, died March 3, almost two months after his beating. He had turned 12 the day before.

From This is True for 3 March 2013