The twistedCharles Burford

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An Oklahoma farmer, Burford’s father Earl invented an automatic hay baler. That was in his blood when later, “Dad realized a need in the bread industry to make bread last longer,” said Charles’s son, C.B. Burford. Charles Burford didn’t invent the twist-tie for bread bags (that was patented in 1939), but rather, in 1961 he adapted his father’s machine to invent a machine that could put twist ties on bread bags. The first machine was installed at the Rainbo Bakery in Oklahoma City. The success of the machine led him to invent a number of things for the baking industry, including a machine that could put tamper-evident seals on bread bags, a machine that can oil and dust baking pans, and a machine that sprinkles just the right number of sesame or poppy seeds on buns before they’re baked. In 2010, Burford was inducted into the American Society of Baking’s Hall of Fame. He died May 16 in Texas. He was 81.

From This is True for 19 May 2013