“Ask Beth” columnistElizabeth Winship

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In her “Ask Beth” column in the Boston Globe, which she started in 1963, Winship specialized in advice to youth. From kids worried about their looks to questions about sexuality, Winship answered each question seriously, and helpfully. “If they awarded Pulitzers for good sense and stable judgment, she would win one every year,” said The New Yorker magazine. She wrote several books, both for kids (Ask Beth — You Can’t Ask Your Mother) and parents (Reaching Your Teenager). Winship’s Ask Beth column was eventually syndicated to 70 newspapers; she retired in 1998 (her daughter Peg then continued the column until 2006). Beth, who was actually known to her friends as “Liebe”, died October 23, at 90.

From This is True for 30 October 2011