Volume 7 is Not Published Yet These are the people you will wish you had known.

149 Amazing People

Glad you’re interested, but Volume 7 hasn’t been published yet. We’re a bit backed up.

Sorry about that! It’s the perils of a one-man publishing operation….

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The Honorees

Included in Volume 7:

    1. Mahler conductor Gilbert Kaplan
    2. Mental health advocate Ted Stanley
    3. Volunteer Richard Hendrickson
    4. Gutsy publisher George Weidenfeld
    5. The jumpy Ken Sailors
    6. Voice man Joe Alaskey
    7. The law-abiding Christy O’Donnell
    8. Pilot’s pilot Eric Melrose Brown
    9. Personal computing pioneer Wesley A. Clark
    10. Email inventor Ray Tomlinson
    11. Press freedom champion Ben Bagdikian
    12. Deputy sheriff John Kotfila Jr
    13. Writer Earl Hamner Jr
    14. Trapped voice actor Erik Bauersfeld
    15. Fox Phantom Joe Griffin Patten
    16. Practical physicist David MacKay
    17. Chemist and physicist Walter Kohn
    18. Drum pioneer Remo Belli
    19. Bassist Jane Little
    20. Actor Herbert Tsangtse Kwouk
    21. TV programmer Michael Dann
    22. “Harry Potter” ride operator Luis Vielma
    23. Doolittle raider David Thatcher
    24. Futurist Alvin Toffler
    25. Humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi
    26. Child psychologist Bloeme Evers-Emden
    27. Unsung Singer Marni Nixon
    28. The Real Eve Chris Sizemore
    29. Femtochemist Ahmed Zewail
    30. Epidemiologist D.A. Henderson
    31. The dignified Jeremiah O’Keefe
    32. TV director Leslie Martinson
    33. Clandestine radio operator Haakon Sørbye
    34. Moon landing hero Jack Garman
    35. Songwriter Oscar Brand
    36. Residency reformer Bertrand Bell
    37. Acoustic engineer Leo Beranek
    38. Disposable diaper inventor Valerie Hunter Gordon
    39. Cardiologist W. Dudley Johnson
    40. Actor Don Marshall
    41. Computer memory/simulation pioneer Jay Forrester
    42. Heart surgeon Denton Cooley
    43. TV producer Al Brodax
    44. Olympic champion Sammy Lee
    45. Lt. Commander John Moffat
    46. Soldier of Conscience Lawrence Colburn
    47. High-faller Vesna Vulovic
    48. Illustrator Tyrus Wong
    49. Human actress Francine York
    50. Digital Detoxer Levi Felix
    51. Editor Byron Dobell
    52. Foreign correspondent Bernard Redmont
    53. Satellite engineer Harold Rosen
    54. NMR physicist Peter Mansfield
    55. Jazz pianist Barbara Carroll
    56. “Queen of Carbon” Mildred Dresselhaus
    57. Transplant researcher Thomas Starzl
    58. Attorney for Underdogs William Genego
    59. Psychologist George Weinberg
    60. Cardinal William Keeler
    61. Parachute Pastor Richard Bolles
    62. Educational dreamer Eugene Lang
    63. Computer networking visionary Robert W. Taylor
    64. Comedy Writer Chris Bearde
    65. Vaccine pioneer Julius Youngner
    66. Gourmet burger maven Marilyn Lewis
    67. Cost disease economist William Baumol
    68. Escaped slave Jennifer Kempton
    69. Actress Dina Merrill
    70. Biochemist Fred Kummerow
    71. Scuba trainer Jim Stewart
    72. Comedian Bill Dana
    73. Pain doctor John Sarno
    74. Ms. Sheila Michaels
    75. Sound editor David Yewdall
    76. Math professor Maryam Mirzakhani
    77. “Lead industry” foe Herbert Needleman
    78. Risk-taking philosopher Anne Dufourmantelle
    79. Familiar voice June Foray
    80. Acquisition editor Judith Jones
    81. Humble spy Jeannie Rousseau
    82. “Elephant” playwright Bernard Pomerance
    83. Polymath Writer Jerry Pournelle
    84. The cool-headed Stanislav Petrov
    85. Healing Force Barbara Blaine
    86. Pioneering sleep researcher Michel Jouvet
    87. Comedy Writer Bob Schiller
    88. The automated Dick Morley
    89. Ghostwriter Donald Bain
    90. Cosplay hero John Mollo
    91. Communications visionary Vanu Bose
    92. Scientist Lilli Hornig
    93. Writers’ Friend Mary Adelman
    94. Jazz guitarist Mundell Lowe
    95. Film producer Howard Gottfried
    96. Animator Bob Givens
    97. Professional Pitcher Mamie Johnson
    98. Lifelong Entertainer Rose Marie
    99. Brigadier General Anna Mae Hays
    100. Art Historian Bruce Cole
    101. “Rosie” Model Naomi Parker Fraley
    102. Cartoonist Mort Walker
    103. Foreign education enabler Cyril Taylor
    104. Internet Freedom activist John Perry Barlow
    105. War photographer Max Desfor
    106. Computer architect Lionel March
    107. Film producer Benjamin Melniker
    108. Wound-up inventor Trevor Baylis
    109. The last of his kind Sudan
    110. Police officer Arnaud Beltrame
    111. Cancer researcher James Holland
    112. Independent reporter Connie Lawn
    113. Peer counseling advocate Beatrix Hamburg
    114. TV producer Paul Junger Witt
    115. Electrical engineer James Thorp
    116. Microbe Hunter Stanley Falkow
    117. Graphic designer Bill Gold
    118. Young adult writer Richard Peck
    119. ‘Idiot’ wrangler Nick Meglin
    120. Rocket engineer Georg von Tiesenhausen
    121. Film producer Martin Bregman
    122. “Koko” the gorilla Hanabi-ko
    123. Space architect Constance Adams
    124. Dopamine doctor Arvid Carlsson
    125. Stereotype buster Mai Tai Sing
    126. Costume designer Yvonne Blake
    127. Sound designer Doug Grindstaff
    128. Resistance fighter Arsène Tchakarian
    129. Cinematographer Richard H. Kline
    130. Computer scientist Robert Everett
    131. Exacting artist Russ Heath
    132. Master pan builder Ellie Mannette
    133. Rock sniffer Erik Hauri
    134. Home video pioneer Andre Blay
    135. Propagandist spy Lawrence Martin-Bittman
    136. Broadband enabler Charles Kuen Kao
    137. The persevering Sidney Shachnow
    138. Recording engineer Geoff Emerick
    139. Customer-oriented Natan Wekselbaum
    140. Little Free Library creator Todd Bol
    141. Electric tinkerer Earl Bakken
    142. Actor Bernard Bragg
    143. Engineman Third Class Andrew Fitzgerald
    144. School psychologist Olivia Hooker
    145. Screenwriter Gloria Katz
    146. Computer designer Evelyn Berezin
    147. Heart surgeon Ellsworth Wareham
    148. “Witch doctor” Zula Karuhimbi
    149. ARPAnet Project Manager Lawrence Roberts